Welcome to MerchantPlay POS: A Quick Guide

Welcome to MerchantPlay POS! This article marks the start of the Getting started guide and explains how to use the guide, the stages of preparing your account to sell, and finding your way around in the application.

Posted by MerchantPlay on September 19, 2023

Understanding the setup process

From signup, to setup, to launch, we’ve outlined the basics of what you can expect during the setup process with MerchantPlay POS in the [Getting started] guide. This article marks the beginning and from here, we’ve curated each article in order of what to do next, so you can simply continue to the next article when ready.

Signing up

You’ve likely already checked this off the list by creating a MerchantPlay account and speaking to one of our account managers. If you have yet to sign up, get in touch to discuss the plan options that best fit your business needs.

Setting up MerchantPlay POS

Once you’ve signed up and have your MerchantPlay account credentials, it’s time to log in, set everything up and get familiar with how it all works. This section contains articles that guide you through configuring your settings for POS, creating your product catalog, and setting up supported hardware.

  • Setting up neccessary account details for receipt printing:
    • go to main menu and select Account, upload an account image if you wish to display it as the logo on top of the POS receipt printed (important: recommended size of the image is 200px by 200px, otherwise image will be truncated), update Account name, update Receipt address 1-4 (depending on how many do you need, if left empty it will not be shown on the receipt), update Receipt footer. Click on Submit to save settings.
  • Creating your product categories:
    • go to main menu and select Categories, click on New category, key in category Name. Click on Submit button to save the product category.
  • Creating your first product:
    • go to the main menu and select Products, click on New product, upload a product image if needed, key in an unique Barcode number, product Name, assign to a product Category, key in product selling Price, key in on-hand Quantity for this new product and finally Enable the product. Click on Submit button to save the product.
  • Creating a user to sign in to the POS:
    • go to the main menu and select Users, click on New user, key in the user Name and a Pin number (this Pin should be unique i.e. no two users should have the same Pin). Click on Submit button to save the user.
  • Creating your payment modes to be used for checkout:
    • go to the main menu and select Payment Modes, click on New payment mode, key in payment mode Name. Click on Submit button to save the payment mode.

Understanding your primary devices

As you start getting setup, it’s important to understand the devices that you will be using MerchantPlay POS on and any considerations that are to be made with each. There are two types of devices that you can currently use MerchantPlay POS on:


  • Windows or Mac operating system
  • Accessed via web browser (such as Google Chrome)

Use a computer for all the folllowing aspects of MerchantPlay POS shop operations:

  • Back-office processing for admin
  • Stock room/warehouse management
  • Anything in-between


  • Accessed via MerchantPlay POS iOS app
  • iOS is recommended to be updated to the latest version

Use an iPad like a computer while gaining improved mobility and accessibility (note: connected hardware may reduce mobility and accessibility).

Depending on your business needs, stores may use a combination of computers and iPads for different purposes. It's also common to have an entire store fitted solely with either computers or iPads. There is no set combination required to use MerchantPlay POS and you should select the in-store configuration that suits your business needs.